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Scary good ghostwriting

Do you read Forbes, Entrepreneur, AdAge, AdWeek, Inc, Fortune, Harvard Business Review, or VentureBeat? 

Chances are you’ve read something we’ve written. 

This isn't a haunted house.

It's a haunted home.

We pride ourselves in being excellent ghostwriters.

Being an excellent ghostwriter means asking the right questions. Thankfully, our team is full of journalists– we can’t help ourselves from the juicy questions.

We’ve had the honor of helping some of the business world’s brightest minds to develop their ideas and alchemize them into a single piece or series of articles. 

Once we’re under contract, we’re an extension of your team: whether you need content strategists,  writers, or even just an extra brain – we got you. 

How Does Our Ghostwriting Work?

Hands Off
  • 1. We bring you several topics of interest.
  • 2. You tell us which you like, chime in with a few thoughts, and we’re off to the races.
  • 3. We drink coffee. Words will be typed. We’ll come back in a few days with something you’ll want to print out and frame.
  • 4. Review. If there are any revisions necessary, we should be able to make them within 3-5 days.
  • 5. Voila! You're free to do with your article as you please.

Light Cream and Sugar
  • Want to play a more active role in your article(s)?
  • We’ll set up one (or a few) interview calls to pick your brain on subjects.
  • We’ll do our best to capture your insights and ask questions that will push the winds of creativity in our favor.
  • Expect your article in less than ten days, with any revisions within 2-3 days after the request.

Run the Last Leg
  • Have mostly everything you need and just need an extra set of eyes to polish things up?
  • Send over your article outline, bullet points, or first article version and we’ll take it to the next level.

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Ghostwriting is more than just writing.

There’s more to ghostwriting than meets the eye.; it takes an intimate understanding of the digital landscape to produce work that stands out.
Woohoo! Success!


Alex is really good at what he does. He was able to transform my blabber into an article I'm still sharing around as part of our pitch deck.
Biotech Billy
Biotech Billy
Published in Forbes
Working with Alex and his team has been such a pleasant experience. They've helped me published a steady stream of heavy-hitting articles on industry trends in my voice for over two years now.
Advertisement Andy
Advertisement Andy
Published in Adweek
ContentBrew is a busy person's best friend. I don't have the time to spend dozens of hours writing articles, and I've been able to reliably lean on ContentBrew for all my content.
Finance Francine
Finance Francine
Published in Inc, Fortune, and Harvard Business Review

Why Work With Us?

  • Complete Anonymity: There's no shame in ghostwriting, but we're not ones to gossip. Our clients are free to reference us as they wish, but our relationship with your article ends as soon as it's written and paid for. 
  • We Live and Breathe Content: We know the ins and outs of writing and optimizing our content for a digital audience. 
  • Quality of Execution: Do you want to sound good or great? We treat your voice as if it were one of our own. 
  • Consistency in Voice: We're not going anywhere. We're here to help you write for as long as you need us.